Scarborough Property Management Company


Scarborough's top property management company, ICC Property Management, an ACMO and CCI certified.Named for the English town of Scarborough in North Yorkshire, this district in eastern Toronto is home to over 600,000 residents. It is a multicultural area, as newcomers to Canada are frequently attracted to its diverse community, and is home to some popular Toronto destinations. It is famous for the Scarborough Bluffs, and the extensive Rouge Park, making it among the greenest areas Toronto has to offer.

Residents in Scarborough tend to come from a wide variety of backgrounds, which is why Scarborough property management can become quite challenging. Fortunately, as an experienced company in condo management, ICC Property Management Ltd. is able to help.

Difference Between ICC and other Property Management Companies

The key difference between ICC and other property management companies in Toronto is their residents-first approach. While providing high-quality, compliant administration and financial functions is essential, so is making sure residents are happy and comfortable within their community.

One way that ICC serves the communities it manages is by having a 24 hour, 7 day per week emergency hotline. If residents run into a problem after hours, they always have a place to turn to get help with maintenance issues and other problems that can arise without notice.

Aside from emergency services, ICC also provides regular maintenance, housekeeping, and other upkeep services. Skilled maintenance keeps condo buildings looking fresh and up-to-date, increasing property values and bolstering residents’ pride in their home.

On the back end, ICC can deliver high-quality, detail-oriented financial services. From collections and deposits to managing contractors and payroll, ICC understands what matters most and makes sure each client receives the attention and customer service they deserve.

Integrity and transparency are also key values on which ICC focuses. Compliance with rules, regulations, and legislation such as the Condominium Act is important, which is why ICC stays up to date on important changes in these areas. They are ACMO 2000 certified and receive on-going education in the industry so they can better serve and advise each client.

ICC has the dedication and integrity no other Toronto property management firm can provide.  From the technical and legal sides to the financial and administrative functions, ICC is the company to turn to for all condominium management needs.

ICC Property Management