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ICC Mississauga Property Management

ICC, an ACMO 2000 Certified company, is the best among the property management companies in mississauga.

As the 6th largest city in Canada, Mississauga is home to more than 700,000 people. It has a diverse population, with plenty of things for residents and visitors to do, from soaking up the local arts to exploring the nearby naturalized parklands and garden parks. Nestled up against the shores of Lake Ontario, it is full of natural beauty and vibrant development.

Residents of Mississauga have a number of options when it comes to finding suitable housing, which is why it is important for condominium developments to stand out. Mississauga property management companies must take care to provide exceptional service to their clients in order to help maintain property values and ensure a good standard of living for residents.

ICC Property Management Ltd. offers full-service condominium management in Mississauga and other nearby areas, including Durham Property Management services. A highly reputable firm with a focus on integrity and excellence, ICC is a leader in its industry and helps set the standard by which property management companies Mississauga offers are measured.

Clients often need a variety of services that are custom-tailored for their particular condo development. From high-rise buildings to small townhouse communities, ICC is equipped to deal with any requirements, and will provide exceptional customer service throughout the management relationship.

ICC has a long-standing reputation in the industry, and has developed its business relationships so as to have access to affordable solutions for boards of directors and the residents they serve. These solutions include everything from physical maintenance and housekeeping needs to comprehensive financial documentation and reporting services.

Aside from being able to coordinate logistics and attend to residents’ needs, ICC has the knowledge and experience needed to help the board of directors remain compliant with local statutes and ordinances, as well as the Condominium Act. This compliance is important in order to reduce potential liability and to make sure residents are happy and satisfied with the management services being provided.

Resident satisfaction is a top priority for ICC, just as much as their responsibilities to the board of directors. That is why ICC goes above and beyond to provide excellent care to all residents in every community they serve.


ICC Property Management