Energy Management

  • ICC is uniquely positioned to manage client energy portfolios with the assistance of Blackstone Energy Services Inc.
  • Our approach and service offering addresses the three main energy “silos”


Why Partner With Us?

  • We help clients gain clarity and control of their energy portfolio and demonstrate how this is possible
  • We help clients understand the risks and opportunities inherent in the energy markets and government policies
  • We identify the best approach to manage risks and opportunities to lower costs and reduce energy consumption
  • We help clients immediately meet their short and long term energy and budget objectives
  • We deliver judicious and effective use of energy to minimize costs.

Managing natural gas and electricity budgets

  • Clarity and control of energy spend
  • Identify opportunities to cut costs and reduce budget volatility
  • Billing and rate plan verification and invoice processing


  • We bring access to multiple suppliers in the market place on behalf of our customers
  • Leverage ICC’s and Blackstone’s expertise to receive favourable rates and terms on natural gas

Identify Risk and Opportunity of Government Programs

  • Energy is heavily regulated in Canada –we keep our clients informed on any events that will impact utilities spend
  • There are many government programs available to reduce energy consumption and/or cut costs –we will advise our clients on the programs most suitable to their building and needs

Energy Retrofits

  • Energy Assessments/Building Audits to uncover opportunities for energy reduction
  • Focus on lighting, mechanical, HVAC, carbon monoxide, air flow, building controls, energy management systems, metering

Who We Work With

  • Eco Energy Licensed
  • BCIN Licensed
  • TSSA Registered
  • CanSIA Certified
  • Geothermal Certified
  • Gas Technicians
  • Hydronic Combination Experts
  • Tankless DHW Certified

Our Unique Approach

  • Evaluate existing utilities spend, rate plans and contract structure
  • Evaluate energy intensive elements in your building
  • Explore Risks and Opportunities and suggest appropriate course of action
  • Take Responsibility
  • Create Goals
  • Deliver Results
ICC Property Management